Innovation starts with an idea and a great plan. At Logapps, we believe the most important investment you’ll make in your project is up front: a solid strategic plan that considers all the “what ifs” and plots a course to success. Our business strategists work with clients to identify and document their goals, strengths and weaknesses, issues, risks, and overall vision. With Logapps’ custom strategic plans, your organization has a clear view of the finish line right from the start.


Logapps Strategy


An Acquisition Strategy is essential to planning a program that meets your business goals. Logapps guides clients through every phase of the Acquisition Strategy, identifying the right requirements, developing a program structure and business and contracting approach, and conducting an assessment of risk. Our strategists design custom implementation plans designed to take programs from paper to practice. Logapps also provides a comprehensive contracting strategy to outline all possible contractual policies to execute the project-we leave no detail unattended.


Developing high-level roadmaps by which customers can use their assets to achieve their portfolio goals.


Developing detailed roadmaps per system by which customers can use their assets to achieve the system goals.