Logapps Solutions

Logapps has worked with over 30 program offices throughout the federal government, serving high-profile, high-stakes projects across a range of stages in the IT program lifecycle. Our clients’ needs are diverse: some require full Life-Cycle Cost Estimates (LCCEs) for the modernization of legacy systems, while others seek Logapps expertise in selecting from competing IT alternatives to achieve the best value and technology capabilities for their organization. Logapps works closely with clients to paint a clear picture of the costs, risks, and requirements of their IT investments and strategies.

What is your project worth? Let Logapps take the guesswork out of your project planning. Logapps utilizes its profound understanding of technology and many years of experience to offer various types of services Technology Research, Systems Analysis, and Strategy.

Technology Research

Logapps utilizes a process we created with specific steps and artifacts to help us capture our findings and develop a deep understanding of a product’s current and future capabilities, limitations, and best practices. Learn More.

Systems Analysis

We conduct deep System Analysis on projects by taking all aspects of the system into account, reviewing the wider system, evaluating the components, and determining how to optimize the system in order to achieve the desired goals. Learn More.


We identify, develop and document clients’ long-term goals, weakness, and strengths, assess where the organization is now and where it wants to be, and help map its vision and mission, or higher strategic goals. Learn More.

Quality Assurance

Our QA process is designed to assess and monitor the IT acquisition or development process. This service ensures the standards and processes are adhered to. Learn More.