Bringing IT solutions into focus

Your vision is the lens we see through.


​At Logapps we recognize that successful IT acquisitions start with clear information from the users and stakeholders who use your systems. Our services will provide you with the knowledge necessary to connect your stakeholders’ goals with IT solutions, helping you take your project from concept through delivery and beyond.


In an ever-evolving technology landscape, identifying the components and processes involved in a successful IT acquisition project can seem daunting. Logapps has a finger on the pulse of current and emerging technology. We use applied research to discover the newest trends and products, track future capabilities, and identify best practices that can keep your business current, efficient, and effective.


Without a solid, defendable cost estimate, building a business case and creating program accountability can become problematic – if not impossible. Logapps has both the business and technical expertise to create complex system estimates based on industry data and your organization’s metrics. Our data-driven approach means that your estimate is based on facts instead of instincts.


An IT acquisition is more than a simple deliverable. Our engineers are positioned to guide your project through completion and into maintenance, troubleshooting, and updates. We are here to take on ongoing program assurance, ensuring that your team has the support they need beyond the project launch.


Our new Cadence tool makes it fast and easy.

Cadence is a web-based early planning tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate requirements analysis, produce high-level concepts, and inform total lifecycle estimates.

It is the only tool on the market today that provides a picture of the desired solution during the proposal or requirements phase. With a deep level of insight from the start, planners can rapidly produce accurate size, cost, and schedule estimates.