Location: Falls Church, VA

Classification: Part-Time or Full-Time

Position Summary: Logapps LLC is currently working on a project using Natural Language Processing (NLP) for the purpose of delivering specialized automated analytics with minimal human interaction. We are seeking a Data Analyst with a strong foundation in NLP to join our project team and advance this special project. The Data Analyst will work closely with the rest of the development team to understand the problem, develop approaches and methodologies to solve the problem, rapidly test the approach against human analysis, and document the results. This role requires the individual to apply information retrieval and extraction on large volumes of text-based requirements, utilize statistical natural language processing to mine unstructured data, and create insights; analyze, model, and record structured data using advanced statistical methods and implement algorithms and software needed to perform analyses.


  • Use and evaluate multiple NLP software applications (i.e. Stanford Core NLP, Apache OpenNLP, as well as non-open source tools) to determine best tool for solution integration.
  • Ability to recommend NLP software for the purpose of integration with other systems/ software
  • Build document clustering, topic analysis, text classification, named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and part-of-speech tagging methods for unstructured and semi-structured data
  • Perform text mining, generate and test working hypotheses, prepare and analyze historical data and identify patterns
  • Support business development activities by helping to shape and communicate findings
  • Identify patterns and trends using rigorous statistical techniques on large data sets


  • Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality
  • Ability to reason and draw conclusions
  • Ability to investigate the design of language processing systems
  • Ability to manage information and available resources
  • Ability to apply existing tools for the processing of different languages (morphological, syntactic and semantic analyzers)
  • Ability to associate the most relevant empirical methods for language technology research


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computational Linguistics, Language and Information Technologies, Mathematics, Engineering, or IT
    3 years of Natural Language Processing experience.
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively in a team environment.
  • Comfortable with using different programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, etc.
  • Ability to write and incorporate NLP in a programming language


Master’s or higher degree in Computer Science, Computational Linguistics, Language and Information Technologies, Mathematics, Engineering, or IT
Experience working with federal government in information technology


The ideal candidate must maintain a high level of confidentiality, display a high level of professionalism, and be very comfortable interacting with government clients, technical leads, and teammates at all levels. Candidate must enjoy taking ownership of complex problems and navigating through towards a successful conclusion.